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behavioral techniques: Different methods to help "retrain" the bladder and get rid of the urgency to urinate. (see biofeedback, bladder training, electrical stimulation, habit training, pelvic muscle exercises, prompted voiding).

benign prostatic hyperplasia: A condition in which the prostate becomes enlarged as part of the aging process.

benign tumor: A tumor that is not cancerous

bilateral: A term describing a condition that affects both sides of the body or two paired organs, such as kidneys.

biofeedback: A procedure that uses electrodes to help people gain awareness and control of their pelvic muscles.

bladder: A hollow muscular balloon shaped organ that stores urine until it is excreted from the body.

bladder training: A behavioral technique that teaches the patient to resist or inhibit the urge to urinate, and to urinate according to a schedule rather than urinating at the urge.

brachytherapy: Involves the placement of tiny radioactive pellets into the Prostate gland. By utilizing ultrasound to place the seed pellets, damage to surrounding tissues is minimized. Approximately 13,500-16,000 rads of radiation energy is delivered directly to the Prostate. This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. It is a one time procedure with very effective results. The 10-year follow-up outcome data parallels that of Radical Prostatectomy.